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Excerpt: “Why is the world something to us that arises, and that creates not only sensations, which are easily correlated to the five senses, but feelings, intuitions, and all of the subtler aspects of consciousness? Because none of that would be necessary based on simple evolutionary principles in which we could have been simply robots, or zombies . . . and how do we know that everyone else in the world is not a zombie, in other words, seemingly conscious but actually simply a computer program; programmed to respond in given ways that are adaptable but that they have no interior reality, how do we know? And how is it that there is an ‘I’ that can even ask that question? 

Well this Hard Question is in fact the original question that produced the field of yoga; it is nothing other than the question that Ramana insists that we ask which is ‘Who am I?’ ‘what is I-am-ness, being-ness?’” Recorded on the early morning of Friday, February 6, 2015.

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