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Archive for November 2016

Excerpt: “Consciousness is an investor. And it begins its journey in the physical plane by investing in its body, investing in the projections that others have invested in it which, become its first capital…. It’s at this point when one has activated the capacity for viveka, for discernment between the unreal and the real, the counterfeit and the genuine currency, that one recognizes that the only valuable currency – in life, in relationships, in the capacity to organize oneself coherently – is the power of love. And if one can take the risk of investing in love, which requires the letting go of all of one’s other investments and becoming vulnerable to the loss of the love of others, to the failure to be loved, and to choose the currency of love itself – not what love can get you – as the value that you hold on to.” Recorded on the morning of Thursday, August 16, 2016.


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