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Archive for January 2017

Excerpt: “A great and mysterious power is using us, is moving us, is transforming us, even though most of the time many of us will not even be aware of the presence of that Power. But it has brought us all here. It has configured our lives. It has created our ability to understand what we do understand and is gradually opening our consciousness to understand ever more of the nature of this great Power and the reality that this power creates, sustains, and destroys and recreates anew at ever higher levels of beauty and the revelation of Truth. But although this power moves us it does so from behind, or from deeper within than we ourselves have reached. And if we wish a direct encounter with this great Presence, if we wish to know fully, the truth of this great Being, who is our being, then we must take a step in the direction of this Power.” Recorded on the morning of Monday, February 22, 2016.


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