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About Sat Yoga

These extraordinary and inspiring spiritual talks offer a synthesis of the most subtle wisdom teachings of East and West. The knowledge of the ancient sages has been faithfully translated into contemporary terms that integrate the insights of science with the esoteric heart of the world’s philosophies, religions, mythologies, and shamanic traditions.

These teachings elucidate, with crystal clarity, the multitude of obstacles we face as seekers on the path to inner freedom and how to overcome them. They also inspire us to recognize, through the loving transmission of truth, beauty, and sacred power that shine through them, that all obstacles are illusions.

The concepts of Sat Yoga reveal a new cosmos emerging from the chaos we experience, both within and without. They name and expose the hidden strategies employed by the ego-mind to keep us ignorant of the transcendent blissful intelligence that is our real nature. Shunyamurti guides us out of the maze of egoic delusion into the liberation that is a return to the Source of cosmic consciousness. Find out more: www.satyogainstitute.org