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Excerpt: “It is the death of the ego that is the advent of Christ, that makes the birth of Christ possible. If there is still an illusory self, how can the Real Self emerge? And because the illusory self is identified with time and space and matter, eternity is obscured, infinity is obscured, the noumenon is obscured. It is the wiping away of these obscurations, the tearing of the veils, the traversing the plane of the phenomenal through the diaphanon into the noumenal Real of God that can only happen when consciousness has been freed from its identification with the body…” Recorded on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014


Excerpt: “Consciousness is an investor. And it begins its journey in the physical plane by investing in its body, investing in the projections that others have invested in it which, become its first capital…. It’s at this point when one has activated the capacity for viveka, for discernment between the unreal and the real, the counterfeit and the genuine currency, that one recognizes that the only valuable currency – in life, in relationships, in the capacity to organize oneself coherently – is the power of love. And if one can take the risk of investing in love, which requires the letting go of all of one’s other investments and becoming vulnerable to the loss of the love of others, to the failure to be loved, and to choose the currency of love itself – not what love can get you – as the value that you hold on to.” Recorded on the morning of Thursday, August 16, 2016.


Excerpt: “Through meditation we are finding – really re-finding – our lost Real Self. To find the Self we must recognize that what we are seeking is our ultimate reality – but it is our ultimate reality, not someone else’s, the truth of our being.  And we must recognize that the ultimate is also the most intimate. Our innermost being is also the most all-encompassing, absolute reality that comprises the essence of all that is so that the Self that we seek is both personal and transpersonal – and impersonal. It is the ultimate paradox that is all inclusive and yet beyond the inclusion of anything whatsoever, because it cannot be grasped by any of the categories of reason.” Recorded on the morning of Sunday, May 15, 2016.


Excerpt: “What is the nature of Emptiness? . . . Emptiness is not without self. Emptiness is empty of everything that is not the Self. And the Self is goodness, the Self is light, the Self is beauty, the Self is love. And the truth of our Being is that we are empty of everything that is not Self; and what is not Self are the ego images, the traumas, the sense of being rejected and unworthy, the evil-speaking voices, the attacks, sense of depression – these emotions within us that we often cannot name but that are experienced as dread – these we are taught are not the Self, but they are there because there is not a realization of the Self.” Recorded during the Lion Heart Koan retreat on the morning of Thursday, October 29, 2015.

Kabbalah is one of those threads of esoteric wisdom that is congruent with all the other secret traditions. Each thread is essential to understand in its relation to the others if we are to perceive the Great Tapestry of cosmic manifestation in its totality and merge with the ineffable mind of God. The accurate understanding of the deep knowledge carried by Kabbalah enables one to be fully aligned with the Supreme Will and not only live in perfect peace in this period of massively accelerating transformation, but function as a catalyst for the emergence of the world to come. Read More: http://bit.ly/2c9fz76
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Sat Kabbalah: Tradition of Ecstasy
Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica - October 1 - 7, 2016 

Discover the true Kabbalah and its profound significance for the 
human soul in this unique moment of planetary change.

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