In answer to the quintessential question of all seekers--why can we not reach silence in practice,and find freedom if this is our essence?--Shunyamurt...View Details

In this teaching, Shunyamurti describes meditation as an art and a science, a means of shifting consciousness into higher dimensions where one is able...View Details

In this beautiful morning teaching, Shunyamurti explains that the Sat Yoga vow of santosha, contentment, is the basis for Grace, of which there are th...View Details

On the night of Maha Shiva Ratri, Shunyamurti invites us to celebrate the revelation of Truth while the window of opportunity is open to attain the Ab...View Details

Shunyamurti reads and interprets the Rubais of Rumi: Insane with Love, revealing the main obstacle to Liberation is love for the ego rather than for G...View Details

Shunyamurti addresses the triad of desire, satisfaction and remorse, and how to live without suffering. In this teaching, Shunyamurti reads from and i...View Details

Shunyamurti poses the fundamental question of ancient Sat Yogis: Is the world real? He invites us to investigate the synchronicities and magical aspec...View Details

In this early morning teaching, Shunyamurti sums up the human problem today, at the end of this cosmic process, as the loss of the capacity to coopera...View Details

Shunyamurti sheds light on the spiritual journey from the perspectives of Hindu mythology and Lacanian psychoanalysis, metaphorically weaving them int...View Details

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