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Kabbalah is one of those threads of esoteric wisdom that is congruent with all the other secret traditions. Each thread is essential to understand in its relation to the others if we are to perceive the Great Tapestry of cosmic manifestation in its totality and merge with the ineffable mind of God. The accurate understanding of the deep knowledge carried by Kabbalah enables one to be fully aligned with the Supreme Will and not only live in perfect peace in this period of massively accelerating transformation, but function as a catalyst for the emergence of the world to come. Read More: http://bit.ly/2c9fz76
A week-long retreat with Shunyamurti is a powerful and life-changing event. Spontaneous, inspired, and always unique – Shunyamurti’s presence and teachings have the uncanny power to address your deepest questions, to free your mind from its most painful fixations and to open your heart to its ultimate fulfillment.

If you have always wanted to join Shunyamurti for one of his extraordinary 7 day retreats, now is the moment!

Sat Kabbalah: Tradition of Ecstasy
Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica - October 1 - 7, 2016 

Discover the true Kabbalah and its profound significance for the 
human soul in this unique moment of planetary change.

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Sat Yoga Sangha
Excerpt: “Below the erosion line, below the consciousness the buildup of the power drive grows. ‘Since I don’t know anything and can’t trust anything or anyone and everyone is a potential enemy, then I must constantly be active politically to increase my power.’ That’s what’s going on in the unconscious of everyone’s ego. There’s a power drive, but a power drive that is so unclean and so ugly that it has to be denied and suppressed from consciousness…” Recorded on the morning of Tuesday, May 26, 2015.
Excerpt: “If you wish to heal from any physical suffering, or any emotional or mental suffering, or any pathological behavioral tendency, dependency, sense of weakness, there is one panacea, one solution, that solves all difficulties – and that is to fly to God.” Recorded during the Healing Into Wholeness retreat, on the morning of Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

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Excerpt: “Meditation is the act of becoming immaculate. Immaculate means there is no trace of identification with anything objective – whether material or mental. There is no trace of the stain of existence. The immaculate Self is unborn, and because the immaculate Self is unborn, it is un-traumatized, and it never goes through that spiral of development or of downfall into the dark. It is only the illusory ego that goes through such a journey. But that illusory ego is illusory and so is the journey.” Recorded on the morning of Friday, January 15, 2016.
Excerpt: “The silence is always present – always – at the core of consciousness, even if there is chaos, storms of hysteria, psychotic delusions, miseries of all kinds at the surface of the ocean of consciousness. But in the depths there is always stillness, always peace, always patience, always presence, always the absence of the illusion of ego. Because this peace is always present, there is nothing to achieve, but the remembrance and the realization and the abidance as the silence, as the purity and serenity of the presence that is the absence of ego heals all the other levels of the ocean of consciousness and brings to an end the storms of emotionality and delusion at the surface.” Recorded on the morning of Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

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