Shunyamurti explains that in order to spiritually prepare for this time of system collapse, which is actually a time of liberation, one must jettison ...View Details

Shunyamurti discusses the concept of goodness, and how to be in service to God to fulfill our angelic nature.

Shunyamurti explains what the ego is, elucidating its structure from a Jungian perspective, and gives a Sat Yoga contextualization, including an expla...View Details

Prior to our Rose Day celebration, Shunyamurti explains the significance of the celebration, elucidating and expanding on the concept of beauty and it...View Details

Question: What is the "Age of Aquarius"?

Shunyamurti explains that the ego is a limiting narrative, encouraging us to release this limitation in order to enter a new age of egoless harmony an...View Details

Shunyamurti reads from Autobiography of a Yogi, speaking about the meeting between Anandamayi Ma and Yogananda.

Shunyamurti gives a mindblowing teaching, relating The Heart Sutra with the game of pool, reveals that the goal of all religions is to build a quantum...View Details

Shunyamurti opens our inaugural livestream retreat, welcoming our virtual participants, reads the words of Ramana Maharshi, and corrects the title of ...View Details

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