Student Question: How Do I Fully Accept Myself?

Enjoy this livestream Satsang teaching with Shunyamurti from January, 2019. Are you ready for more advanced teachings from Shunyamurti? Sign up to our...View Details

In this guided meditation, Shunyamurti invites us to relax the bodily vehicle and feel free to enjoy the flow of its life energy. Notice the pure awar...View Details

Celebrating Maha Shiva Ratri: The Holy Night of Shiva   In this teaching, Shunyamurti explains that Maha Shiva Ratri is a portal to activate our supr...View Details

Shunyamurti begins by saying that God gifts all treasures to those who yearn, then explains that many people begin to conceive of God as the third per...View Details

Having screened The Big Lebowski the previous evening, Shunyamurti analyzes the famous line, “The Dude Abides”, and contextualizes the place of th...View Details

What is Real? - 12.03.18

Shunyamurti discusses esoteric paths and exoteric paths (that begin from an ego perspective), saying that seeking creates more seeking, then proceeds ...View Details

Excerpt: "And as more and more lights are lit in this cosmic menorah, in which each of us is an eternal candle, flaming its beauty and its divine ligh...View Details

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