Shunyamurti leads us on a guided meditation, focusing on Ramana Maharshi's practice of Atma Vichara, or Self-Enquiry, the question "Who Am I?"

Shunyamurti uses the metaphor of a revolutionary to explain the ideas of Deleuze, Nishida, and Ramana in order to explain how to incite a real revolut...View Details

Shunyamurti explains the significance of Ramana Maharshi and how his very life's trajectory has given us insight into the turn that the modern West ha...View Details

Shunyamurti reads questions left over from the last Livestream Satsang and gives answers.

Shunyamurti speaks about international yoga day, that yoga is inter-dharmic, that it comes from a former world age and predates all of the current rel...View Details

Shunyamurti says that there is a mistake in understanding the profundity of the teachings of Ramana, that they go far deeper than most people understa...View Details

Shunyamurti clarifies that the realization of the Self happens outside of time, beyond the world, but the ego-mind is caught in practicality, not to m...View Details

Listen to our livestream Satsang from May 26, 2019. Shunyamurti gives a teaching and answers viewers questions.

Shunyamurti asks why Ramana says that the only way to Liberation is through atma vichara, discussing that, if one looks deeply, there is no thinker to...View Details

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