Do you live by the laws of the divine? Shunyamurti explains Dharma, divine law, which, when applied to the ego, reveals the relationship to the soul a...View Details

How could a good God allow a world this mad to come into being? Shunyamurti proposes a theory: the universe, and all of the systems within it, are inh...View Details

Sat Yoga is the practice to reach Liberation in this life–because you never know how long life is going to be. Are you prepared to be liberated from y...View Details

Q: How does one let go of anger towards a father or mother that has judgements and says hurtful things about their beliefs of one’s faith or love towa...View Details

Every ego is a slave to its censor, the complex of contradiction itself and the inverse of Liberation. Shunyamurti exposes the psychosis of the ego, t...View Details

What does it take to shift from the lower energies of the ego to the higher frequencies of the soul? Shunyamurti answers a seeker’s question with and ...View Details

Shift from the unconscious to the superconscious! By understanding the 7 levels of Psychic Energies that Shunyamurti presents in this teaching module,...View Details

Are we responsible for our actions or are they predetermined? Shunyamurti answers a core question about free will and predetermination—and reminds us ...View Details

Shunyamurti encourages us to go rogue! Since there are no rules in Higher Consciousness, let's in-joy the lightness of being free, claim our right to ...View Details

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