Question: How does one move from knowledge accumulation to spiritual realization?

Shunyamurti explains what Satsang is.

Shunyamurti starts by explaining the difference between contemplation and quantumplation, explaining how science has superseded religion, and how we m...View Details

Question: How does one honor the goddess? Excerpt: "The goddess is known as Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are the two twin principles of Cosmic Reality. Sh...View Details

Shunyamurti reveals that, today, the bodily religions are celebrating Easter and Passover, which shows their frame of reference of body-consciousness,...View Details

In this guided meditation, Shunyamurti invites us to bring the attention to the center and merge into the source of being that is filled with love, po...View Details

Shunyamurti defines meditation as "questioning the relationship to thought, body, and the world", and goes on to explain the paradoxes of thought itse...View Details

Student Question: How Do I Fully Accept Myself?

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