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Excerpt: “And so the key to the Sat Yogi’s success is the cultivation of the wisdom of the heart that recognizes the value of this transcendent peace and love and silence and stillness and Eternal Presence over the flux of jouissance and suffering and angst and paranoia and attachment and greed that have produced all of the unhappiness that cannot be rectified by continuing to maintain that same pattern. And eventually the wisdom of the heart overcomes the ego’s desire to get more because more turns out to be less. And in that recognition that the value of love is much greater than the value of things, and that the value of that Ultimate Source of love is greater even than the value of the love between those who are still within the I-thought, that ultimate love and ultimate intelligence and ultimate power is accepted in exchange for the letting go of all the rest.” Recorded on the morning of Wednesday, September 21, 2016.