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Excerpt: “Can you feel the energy of life flowing through your organism? Do you allow the energy of life to fully flow through every cell of the organism? Are you conscious of what the energy of life feels like? Are you in direct contact with the power of life that keeps your body alive, healthy, and functioning at optimal capacity? Or do you block the flow? Do you limit it? Do you repress it? Do you have fear of too much life? Do you allow yourself to be bathed in the life energy? Do you know the source of the life energy? To know the life energy fully requires that you have attained a position in consciousness that contains the life energy, that your power of presence allows the full flow of infinite eternal life through Itself. But that which witnesses life is that which the ego fears as death. And so to be fully alive is to unify the power of life with the power of death - to realize they are one.” Recorded on Monday, May 29, 2017.