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The Skin Ego - 07.15.17

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Excerpt: “. . . Didier Anzieu, another French psychoanalyst who developed a theory of the ego, his most famous and relevant book in this context is called The Skin Ego, and I think the relevance of this is that the skin becomes the center of consciousness at a certain moment when the child is about to go through weening, but it has not yet made a full differentiation between itself and the mother - there is still the ‘I and the mother are one’ - but the skin surface becomes the place of the conflict, and the place where that conflict, in terms of the old Freudian Oedipus complex, still has its last remaining threads of relevance which is that the father or . . . the paternal function that helps to separate the child from the mother, and this is the place where skin ailments happen, acne and other things; they are the skin ego’s complaint against its forcible separation from the mother.” Recorded on the evening of Saturday, July 15, 2017.